Site Cast Tilt Up Walls

Site-cast tilt-up walls are made by pouring concrete into a form that is laid flat on the ground and then lifting the entire wall section into place. They are a popular choice for commercial construction projects, and our team has extensive experience installing these types of walls in and around Sussex County, NJ. 

KG self performs site cast tilt up walls for your designed project or as a design build.  KG will work with the architect on the project to provide the detailed engineering required for the tilt up walls.  Being involved in the design ensures the most economical structure and allows us to maintain tight production controls to provide maximum performance and aesthetics.  

Construction of the Off Shore Marine Building in Branchville, NJ

Benefits of Site Cast Tilt Up Walls

Energy Efficiency

The high thermal mass of the concrete used in tilt-up walls helps to regulate indoor temperatures, reducing the need for heating and cooling. This can result in significant energy savings over the lifetime of the building.

Speed of Construction

Because the walls are cast on site and lifted into place, construction can proceed quickly and efficiently, reducing overall project timelines.

Structural Integrity

The high-strength concrete used in tilt-up walls provides a durable and long-lasting solution that is resistant to damage from weather, fire, and other hazards. This can help reduce maintenance costs over time.


Site-cast tilt-up walls can be cast to exact specifications, allowing for customization and flexibility in design.

The Process

Watch the video below to learn how site-cast tilt-up walls are installed.

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