Frequently-Asked Questions

Q) How much will installing solar on my roof cost?

A) Every installation is different and the cost depends on the size of your electricity bill and how much of it you wish to offset with solar power. You can finance or pay cash.

Q) How do I choose the right solar company?

A) Research, ask questions, interview contractors, seek referrals.

Q) How long does it take to get my system installed

A) Typically approvals take 3-6 weeks and the installation takes about a week (depending on the size of the system). Post installation approvals may take an additional 3-6 weeks.

Q) How much will I save on my utility bills?

A) Savings are dependent on the size of the system. Depending on the roof area available you may be able to offset as much as 100% of your electricity bill.

Q) How do I choose the right solar system?

A) There are many system options available. Goals range from entirely environmental to entirely financial, our trained representatives can discuss options to maximize your goals and return on investment.

Q) How does the approval process work?

A) We take care of the standard approval process for you. Usually, 3 approvals are needed: NJ Clean Energy, local utility interconnection and local building department permit. For larger ground-mounted installations a zoning variance may be required. We can discuss your options and help you through that process as well.

Q) How long do the solar panels last? Warranties?

A) Most panels have a 10 year product and 25 year performance warranty. Performance will decline slowly over time and some panels have 30-40 year lives.

Q) How do the federal tax and energy credits work?

A) The federal government will give you a tax credit of 26% of the system cost in 2020. The NJ- SREC program provides compensation for every megawatt hour that you produce via solar. Currently value of NJ SRECs are can be found on the NJ Clean Energy Website.

Q) What about cloudy days, snow, rain, hail etc?

A) In the Northeast we allow for shorter days (less solar production) in the winter. Panels are tested to withstand hail storms. Snow and rain are expected and actually clean the dust, pollen etc from the panels periodically.

Q) How will I know that my system is working properly?

A) The system is monitored 24/7 by the monitoring company and alerts are sent to your smartphone or computer to minimize down time.